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Email marketing has a 4200% return on investment.

But only if your future customers read and open your emails!

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Staying consistent shouldn’t be so hard

Hardly anyone loves email

But emails build rapport and trust

Consistently showing up keeps you top of mind

Staying top of mind increases sales

Turn your email marketing

Into a profit-generating machine!

Consistently show up in the inbox and get people to remember you

Write creative, interesting and engaging emails each week with ease

Collaborate with other entrepreneurs

Sell more services and build trust and long-term relationships

What you'll find inside:

An email marketing sales machine

    • 4 Monthly plug-and-play email templates
    • Monthly group Q& A coaching call
    • Monthly training on what’s trending with email marketing
    • Monthly shut up and write session


    Email Is Very Much Alive

    The internet is crowded, and standing out is getting harder and harder.

    The social media gods keep changing the rules, what if your accounts were shut down tomorrow, what would you do?

    With an engaged email list, filled with your ideal people, you can make money on demand.

    97% of your audience isn't ready

    Only 3% of people who find you are ready to buy now.

    Imagine if . . .

    You were able to triple your sales conversions just by staying in front of the other 97%.

    What if they bought again

    What would that do to your business and sales?

    What would it feel like?

    To spend less energy and always have new clients.

    How much does it cost?

    A better question . . .

    How much is it costing you now to not send consistent emails right now?

    How many sales have you let slip through your fingers simply because you haven’t stayed in touch?

    What if your competitors are already sending emails and scooping up all those leads you worked so hard for?

    The only way to ensure you are the first person your potential clients think of when they are ready to buy is to consistently remain in their view.

    Email marketing gives you the power to:

    • Show up every week in their inbox and remind them who you are.
    • Have a captive audience to promote new offers to.
    • Market on your time and with what you want to say on your watch, not some algorithms.

    The Mailbox Money Club gives you the tools to

    • Show up consistently
    • Always have something to say
    • Get the support you need as you test new strategies

    Join us for the entire year and get these bonuses:

    BONUSES Value $197 Value

    Create Scroll Stopping Headlines

    • 9 ways to stop the scroll & get your emails opened and read
    • Avoid the SPAM filter
    • Stand out in the inbox
    Welcome Email Series Templates
    • 5 Proven email templates use so that you can get your welcome sequence written, done, and finished.
    • Increase the number of people who open and read your emails because they are that damn good.
    • Examples for each template so that you can see the magic at work.

    This is a yearly subscription that can be canceled at any time prior to your renewal date.  Please refer to our terms and conditions regarding cancellations and refunds.

    “I have doubled my open rates to 45%, grown my email list with more leads, and turned those leads into sales.”

    Wendy S. Myers, CVJ

    Communication Solutions For Veterinarians

    Start generating more sales now!

    Mailbox Money Club!

    “Having the right emails in your sales funnel makes all the difference in getting your audience to tune in or tune out.”

    Tammy Alvarez

    Career Winners Circle

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    82% of Small Businesses Fail Without A Great Sales Funnel!


    Yours doesn't have to.

    The Sales Funnel Guide is your roadmap to creating a customer journey that attracts more leads, builds long-term relationships, and increases sales.



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