Write eye candy emails that get opened, clicked on, and increase sales without a copywriting degree.

Email Marketing has the highest return on investment of ANY other marketing tactic, can be put on repeat, and give you more freedom in your business.

Email marketing improves customer retention which means less time and money spent on marketing!

If you long for deeper connections and actual conversations like those we had in the 80s - then read on my friend.

Why Email? (Isn’t social media where it’s at?)

The short answer —>>> NOPE!

Here are 4 Mind-Blowing Statistics About Email Marketing That will have you shaking your head and asking – “why the h-e- 🏒-🏒 haven’t I figured out email sooner?!”


Email marketing has an average return of investment of $42 for every $1 spent. (Shut the front door, right?)


With over 306 billion emails sent everyday, email remains one of the most popular communication tools available. In fact, millennials polled said it is their preferred way to be contacted by businesses.


Email marketing drives sales more often than social media. 60% of consumers say they’ve made a purchase because of a marketing email.


Your customers want to hear from you, especially if you cater your email content to their needs (up to 50% higher click rates = increased sales $$$).

But what does email mean for your business?

If you want to reach out and touch someone (totally legit)

Build trust so you can increase sales

Stop working your be-hind off


You need to get your email set up and pronto.

See who else is seeing results with email marketing.

“I have doubled my open rates to 45%, grown my email list with more leads, and turned those leads into sales.”
Working with Alisa I was able to improve my headlines so they stood out in the inbox, target my messaging to my audience to grab their attention, and create emails that encouraged them to take quick action on my paid courses.
-Wendy S. Myers

Working with Alisa I was able to improve my headlines so they stood out in the inbox, target my messaging to my audience to grab their attention, and create emails that encouraged them to take quick action on my paid courses.

~ Wendy S. Myers

CS Vets

You CAN Master Your Email Marketing, even if:


✍️ You think you are a terrible writer who can’t get a thought down on paper to save your sanity.

❄️ Your email list is quieter than a winter evening in the middle of Antarctica!

🔥 Your hair is on fire and you don’t know how you’re going to make it through the day, let alone send out regular emails!

🆕 You have no idea how to sell through email without being slimy!

Turn boring unread emails into inbox eye-candy! 🍭 🍭 🍭

For the small business owner who is ready to:

  • Use a proven system to nurture leads, retains customers, and hustle for you 24/7
  • Automatically nurture leads into customers—even while you’re on your much-needed Tahitian vacation
  • Become a powerful, strategic business owner with steady sales and holiday dinner bragging rights

Here’s how . . .

1. Grab Attention

2. Build Trust

3. Retain Happy Customers

Introducing . . .

The COMPLETE Email Marketing System

To attract new leads, build long-lasting relationships, and sell your product on demand
  •  The step-by-step email marketing success system to avoid costly mistakes and wasting time!
  • Hand-holding guidance from a 20+ year marketing veteran to help you navigate the world of marketing and get REAL results (read $$$)
  • 24/7 lifetime access (including future updates)—so you’re always ready to rumble, be at the head of the class and take down any new email marketing MacGyver who tries to take you down! 
  • On-demand video training to activate results – fast. Like Cobra Mustang fast.
  • Exclusive community membership with smart & savvy business owners who are excited to meet you and planning your “come aboard, we’re expecting you” ❤️ Love Boat ⛵ arrival as we speak. 

Here’s What’s Inside The Email Breakthrough Academy

Everything you need to successfully use email to sell your products and services.

Module 1 - Building Relationships Using Email Marketing

Intimately Understand Your Audience

Stop sending ignored emails that end up deleted or in the SPAM folder.

  • Discover the difference between list-based and subscriber-based Email Service Providers and which one will make your life easier in the long run.
  • Understand how to tag subscribers and deliver customized content, promotions, and offers based on behavior.
  • SUPERCHARGE your email marketing and catapult past your competition with email tagging and segmenting.
  • Create inbox eye candy that creates head nods and has people asking for more of you!
  • …and more!

Module 2 - Email Sending Options

Demystify Broadcasts, Sequences & Automations

Eliminate frustration, technology overwhelm, and wasted time.

  • Understand the difference between all different types of emails that can be sent including broadcasts, sequences, and automations.

  • Discover when to use a broadcast most effectively.

  • Learn how email sequences nurture relationships and save you time.

  • Step-by-step instructions to create email automations without needing a degree in Rocket Science! #YouCanDoIt

  • …and more!

Module 3 - Writing Headlines That Get Attention

Get your emails opened!

If no one opens your email – they can’t buy!

  • Discover how to stop the inbox scroll, stand out and get your email opened!
  • Learn the power of A/B testing to increase open rates and get more eyeballs on your email.
  • Understand why email goes to the SPAM folder, and how to avoid it so new subscribers get ALL of your emails!
  • Identify top tips to get your audience anticipating and opening your email!
  • …and more!

Module 4 - Writing Emails That Sell

Comfortably sell with email marketing.

Stop the fear of slimy selling in its tracks!

  • Understand the Anatomy of A ‘Perfect Sales Email’ that provokes action regardless of product, service or business model!
  • Discover the repeatable email process that saves time during future product and course launches.
  • Step-by-Step instructions to create emails that get results!
  • Easily move customers toward purchasing and sharing your product with others.
  • …and more!

Module 5 - The 9 Must-Have Business Email Sequences

Send the right email at the right time

No more guessing what to say. 

  • Discover the 9 different types of email sequences to create for all of the different components of your business.  
  • Learn how to implement powerful email marketing automation for each of your offers.
  • Take control of your future email marketing with a templated action plan for future email promotion.
  • …and more!

Module 6 - Slaying The Not So Scary Tech

Simplifying Email Marketing Technology

Stop technology-induced procrastination.

  • Discover the best tech for small businesses to build, grow and scale their email marketing!

  • Learn the difference between a landing page and opt-in form and how to choose the best for your business right now.

  • Add an opt-in form to your website so you can build your email list.

  • Connect your form to an automation or email sequence.

  • Create and schedule a broadcast email.

  • Test your tech setup and ensure a smooth user experience.

  • …and more!

Module 7 - Analyzing & Measuring Results

Know your marketing is working

No more waiting on magical sales to happen.

  • Understand which metrics to evaluate to ensure that your email marketing is working.  
  • Discover how to increase the number of people who open your emails! 
  • Get more people to click on email links so that they take the next step toward buying your product.
  • …and more!

The Email Breakthrough Academy Is Working For Others

“Having the right emails in your sales funnel makes all the difference in getting your audience to tune in or tune out.”
“Having a proven system that helps you cater your emails to the people you MUST get in front of saves you time, money and frustration. Whether you are launching an online course or working with clients one-on-one it’s no longer a luxury, it’s a MUST to stay top of mind to increase sales and retain clients.”

~ Tammy Alvarez

Career Winners Circle

Who You Are Learning From

Alisa Conner

Eats, Drinks and Dreams
About Email Marketing

The word got out in 2020 during the Coronavirus that working from home was the bomb-diggity – everybody and their brother decided to open up shop online. More power to them!

But that means you have to work even HARDER to stand out amidst the noise- especially online.

Or do you?

I’m Alisa Conner and for over 20 years I’ve helped dozens of small business owners attract an audience they love, build know like and trust online, and generate $$$ (cue Pink Floyd 🎸)!

Most importantly —>>> they took their time and lives back.

You quit your corporate J-O-B so you could ENJOY your life – no?

But if you’re constantly worried about generating leads and marketing your offers – what was the point?

It’s 100% possible to stand out in a crowded market and have people nodding and saying “get out of my head” and “sign me up now!” with every new product release.

One of the best ways to make that happen is to stay in front of them with entertaining, informative, and lip-smacking good emails. 

There is no entrepreneur school for writing compelling emails that sell. 

But, with strategy, a little grit, and a proven system that you can rinse and repeat – you will save time and start generating revenue without a lot of extra work.

Business owners just like you have increased their sales by up to 40% in less than 6 months.  And that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Having a proven system will give you the confidence to email like the pros so you can sell more of your stuff and impact the people who are waiting on you.

You may be thinking . . .

“I don’t need another course – I can figure this out on my own!”

If that is true then are you getting the traction you deserve from your email marketing?

If not, is it because:

👉 It’s on a never-ending”to-do” list?

👉 You keep meaning to carve out time to watch those YouTube videos, but the time never comes?

👉 The technology brings everything to a grinding halt and you can’t get things set up and working but don’t know why?

👉 Every time you sit down at the computer to write your brain is suddenly empty?

I only have one question for you – are any of the somedays helping get sales from your emails?

Or maybe you’re thinking –

“I’ll just hire someone to write my emails” . . .

You could . . .

Let’s break it down:

Copywriter = $1200.

VA to set up email automation = $200.

Website manager to add your email form to your website = $100.


EVERY SINGLE TIME you create a new email sequence.

  • And, it won’t be in your voice.
  • Or have your personality.
  • Or likely resonate with the people who are expecting to hear from you.

But, there is a BETTER solution.

Enroll Now!

End your marketing overwhelm while you master your email marketing, grow your email list, and grow your business.




Monthly Live Coaching Calls 

($2997 Value)

  • Submit your biggest burning email conundrum for the opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching from yours-truly to improve your email success.
  • Learn from the community so you can be prepared for upcoming hurdles or fix previous hiccups before they become a bigger issue!

BONUS #2:  Lead Magnet Templates

($597 Value)

  • Design your lead magnet in record time
  • Captivate new subscribers and get them a quick win!
  • Watch the step-by-step tutorial to edit the template in Canva easily and seamlessly.

BONUS #3: 

Email Sequence Templates

($597 Value)

  • Easy-to-follow templates to help you create your welcome series, breakup series, and abandon cart series.
  • Discover what to put in your emails to sell without being salesy and stay top of mind if subscribers aren’t ready to buy.
  • Breaking up is hard to do, unless you have an email template that helps you do it with class.  This is one of the most requested templates and it is waiting inside just for you.


After using some of the tactics Alisa teaches in her programs, my open rates increased to 30% and my click-through rate increased to 18%. That was after my first attempt. I think that’s pretty awesome! I’m excited to see how much better they get.

~ Tricia Copeland

Tricia Copeland, Author

Enroll Now before doors close!

Backed by a Risk-Free Guarantee

Here’s the low-down.

Email Breakthrough Academy is the most comprehensive, step-by-step program for business owners who want to scale and grow their business using email marketing.

When you have a strong viable email list your business will grow as well.

But you have to take action and apply what you learn.  And I understand action takes some time.  So try out the program risk-free for 30 days. For more details, click here.

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End your marketing overwhelm while you master your email marketing, grow your email list, and grow your business.

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Yours doesn't have to.

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350 Words To Help You Steer Clear of the SPAM Folder

Download this 350-word checklist and avoid these words when writing your emails or headlines so you can avoid the SPAM folder and get more of your emails read and clicked on.


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Start writing emails that work to build trust and sell more services!

Download the FREE Welcome Emails That Work Guide now!


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(the easy way)!

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