Creating A Winning Email Marketing Strategy

If your emails aren’t generating sales . . .

Then you could be missing this critical component – a clearly defined marketing strategy.

Many marketers would have you believe that marketing strategy is complicated and that you have to have a strategy degree to come up with one.

But, that is simply not true.

In this week’s episode of ACC-TV, I share the 3 important ingredients needed to create a marketing strategy that works.

Watch the entire episode here 

1. Have a goal.

If I had a dollar for every time I worked with a client and asked them what they want people to buy or do at the end of their marketing funnel and the answer was a shoulder shrug, I could easily retire in Fiji – stat!  🏝️

That’s not to throw small business owners under the bus – not at all. 

Normally, this isn’t stuff you learn until you’ve done it wrong.

In my case a few dozen times at least. 🤦‍♀️

If you’re like most people you set financial goals, business goals, vacation goals, and so on.

With all goals, when you are specific you are more likely to succeed.

When a specific goal is set for each of your marketing efforts, you have a greater likelihood of reaching your goals.

This includes email!

If emails are randomly sent out without a plan  – it is difficult to connect the dots to move leads to the next step of your funnel.

A goal can be simple – sell this many courses, increase email subscribers by 20%, get open rates above 40%.  The key is specific and measurable.  You can use SMART goals if that works for you, if it doesn’t – that’s ok too.

As a refresher, SMART goals are:

S – Specific – The more specific the better.

M – Measurable – How will you know you’ve reached the goal?

A – Attainable – Can you reach your goal within the specified time that you have set?

R – Realistic – I’m not a fan of realistic, I say shoot for the pie in the sky, measure your progress and reassess. Any goal is reachable if you stick with it long enough.

T – Time Bound – How much time will you give yourself to reach your goal?

2. Start at the end.

As a human, you are programmed to start at the beginning and work forward.  From your first day of Kindergarten learning the alphabet from the beginning.  Learning to read a book, chapter 1.

But when you’re marketing your business starting from the end will save you time, frustration, and headache.

When you work backward from your end goal, it is easier to create a path of breadcrumbs for your future customer to follow.

As a bonus, you will also know if there is a spot in your funnel that isn’t working and you can tweak that specific piece without throwing the entire thing out and starting over.

Look at all that time you just saved.

3. Measure and tweak.

Entrepreneurs are creators.

We literally build things that have never been built before.

Alas, this can cause many people to get stuck in creation mode – the result being – nobody ever buys or your sales are limited.

When you are creating emails it’s important to look at 3 specific metrics to evaluate what is working. 

1. Open rates.

2. Link clicks.

3. Overall deliverability.

Lastly, when making changes – don’t overall the entire email.  Start with one thing at a time and then test again.  This will save you a LOT of headaches.

Catch the bonus  – by watching the entire episode here.

What’s your one strategy tip you will take action on today?

Share your goal in the Small Business Builders Facebook group so we can cheer you on.

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