Demystifying Email Automation

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Even the term Email Automation is a mouthful

In this week’s episode of ACC-TV, I share what you need to know about how to be successful with email automation and grow your business while saving you time and energy.

Why is email automation?

Email automation is the system that you can set up to automate your email, nurture your clients, and stay top of mind with them.

So what the heck is email automation?

It all starts with an opt-in form.  Your new lead (subscriber) will complete a form for whatever free download you are giving away.

Once they have completed the form, they will be waiting to receive whatever it is you’ve promised them.  If you never deliver it, you’ve not only failed on delivering what you’ve promised but you’ve disappointed your lead they will likely go elsewhere for whatever solution they are currently searching for.

The second step of email automation is connecting your opt-in form to an email sequence.  Now a sequence can be one, two, or 100 emails.  That’s entirely up to you and your creativity. But to deliver what you’ve promised and not become known as a suckwad, you need an email automation with at least one email.

That automation is simply a system put in place to deliver your freebie so that you don’t have to send it out manually each and every time. Because NOBODY has time for that.

That system usually includes an Email Service Provider like Convertkit. This type of software is different than your regular email system (like Outlook or Gmail) because it has the functionality to set up an automatic response. Like this:

  1. Fill out the form.
  2. Send email.
  3. Add to an email list.
  4. Send additional emails.
  5. Get a new customer

This is also your opportunity to continue to build the relationship with your new lead by providing them with additional information and compelling content through additional emails.  It also provides you an opportunity to share upcoming promotions, what’s happening in your business, and updates in a friendly and direct way.

That’s it.  That’s what email automation is.  So, give it a try and set up your first automation today so you can begin reaping the rewards of email in your small business.

This week’s quick video breaks down email automation in super simple steps, so be sure to check it out.

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