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71. Simple Ways To Create A Cohesive and Memorable Brand

To be memorable as a brand, you need 5 key components

This week I break down those components on the Podcast as well as explaining the difference between branding and marketing and which you need more depending on which phase your business is in.  You can hear all about those differences here in the episode.

A brand is made up of visuals and also foundational components.

Let’s jump into the importance of visuals and the four that specifically make up your brand. Using these four visual elements consistently creates memorability with your audience as well as helps to eliminate confusion and create cohesiveness.  If you confuse your audience and those you are trying to attract, they will just find someone easier for their brain to understand, which is why having a clean and clear brand is essential for any business.

1. Colors.

Many business owners choose their brand colors based on what they like.  In the episode, I discuss why this could be prohibitive to growing your business.  In reality, brand colors should appeal to buyer behavior and also be attractive to your ideal client. If the people you most want to serve are turned off by your brand aesthetics, then “Houston we have a problem.” When choosing your colors, try to choose 2-3 foundational colors, a neutral or a neutral palette and a max of 3 accent colors.  This gives you a big variety and also enables you to create differentiation in your marketing materials.

2. Logo.

The biggest issue I have seen in the creation of logos is they are too complicated.  When creating a logo, the more complicated, the more difficult it is to incorporate the logo into different marketing materials. When creating, keep in mind, you may need to add that logo to signage, to glass, to your website and in various other places.  The more complicated, the more likely it will come across as blurred, confusing or worst of all unmemorable.  Simple is better (are you seeing a trend here?). It should explain what you do, and if it isn’t clear, add a tagline. Until you are as recognizable as say, Nike, you need a tagline and a clear identifier for your business.

3. Photos and Images.

There are two different types of images that could be used in your branding and marketing. The first is any type of icon or drawing, and creating consistency in shapes, line width, etc. in relation to your logo is a must to appeal to your audience’s brain. Our brains are brains often pick up on things we don’t realize. But thinking through how all the elements of your brand work together in advance will keep the subconscious and conscious brain happy.  I give specific examples in the episode, give it a listen here. The other visual component that should be thought through is images added to your website. You want to balance personality, relationship building and results when choosing your photos or working with a brand photographer.  Each intentional image should lead your audience to the next step in your relationship and create trust.

4. Fonts.

Designers get a little twitchy when it comes to fonts, but here’s the easy breakdown. Choose 2-3 max. Think about how you want to differentiate between titles and ideas you want to bring to the forefront. Be sure to choose fonts that will be readable on all platforms.  That beautiful handwritten font you have on your business card may look like a giant mess on a website. I discuss the 5 different font types in the episode but below is the easy visual break down as promised so you can get a gist of which fonts are in which families.

5. Messaging.

I’ve saved the most important for last. As you probably have heard me say before, if you don’t have compelling messaging, all the aesthetics in the world aren’t going to do you a lick of good.  People are looking for you to solve their problems.  If you have a gorgeous logo but no ability to relate to their problem and offer them a solution you are dead in the water. I cover the 5 key questions in depth that need to be answered with your messaging in Episode 71. But here is a quick recap of those questions:

  1. Who do you help (specifically)?
  2. How do you help them?
  3. Why do they care about your solution?
  4. Why are you different from everyone else that has their attention?
  5. How do they get started with you?

Add those 5 components to your brand and you will be miles ahead of your competition.

Which item are you going to tackle first? (Please tell me it’s your messaging! 😁)  Come join me this week on the Facebook page to get your brand and messaging questions answered.  See you over there.

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