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68. Following the Breadcrumbs of Your Intuition

Your intuition is UBER powerful, are you tuning in?

In Episode 68 I share my experience of truly tuning into that little guiding voice inside and the monumental changes I have seen not only in my business but my level of joy with my business. We head way into the woo this week, but stick with me it’s TOTALLY worth it.

I talked about meeting my Mastermind Group in a previous episode, but the reality of the situation is, that if I would ignored my inner voice, I would have missed out on the opportunity to connect with those ladies and it would have completely changed my experience at that event and the support network I have now.  I tell the whole story over here.

I came up with a list of ways to connect to your intuition, here’s my system:

1. Get clear about your intention.  If you don’t know what the heck you want or want to happen, how can your intuition know how to answer? Short answer, it can’t.  So get SUPER clear and ask.

2. Be quiet. As in shut yo’ mouth and your mind down.  If you keep trying to run the show, you will continue to run the show (that’s called free will). But, that will override your intuition, the divine, God (however you want to label this.) So take a hint from the game makers and Watch Your Mouth (and Your Mind).

3. Pay attention and believe in serendipity.  Do you know how many times a day we miss the signs of our deeper wisdom?  All the dang time.  Because, let’s face it, we are distracted.  When we are distracted, we lose focus and the signs popping up in front of us all but disappear on our radar.  So, be present. Pay attention and believe in the serendipity the universe presents to is a conspiracy for your higher good and success.

4. Control your distractions. Yep, we are distracted, social media, email, phone calls, office visits and on and on, it’s hard to focus when we have a million things pulling us in different directions. But, there are distractions you can control, monitor and set aside.  Determine what those are and do something about it so that you have the ability to focus on your intuition.

5. Gutcheck it. I think this is probably the BIGGEST key to intuitive success.  Your gut (sacral chakra for you woo woos, you know who you are) never lies.  If you are contemplating following your intuition and it doesn’t check out with your gut, it’s probably time to check back in at #2 in this list.

6. Take action. Ok, so all signs are equating to a green light, why the heck are you still sitting there? This is the place where we as entrepreneurs get stuck ALL THE DANG TIME.  We tend to analyze, over-analyze and continue analyzing at nausium. Get off the dang fence and take some action. We can’t improve standing on the shore, we have to get in the water.  Your intuition is the same.  Follow it, see what happens and give in to the idea that you aren’t always going to get it right.  It’s ok! As Nike would say, Just Do It!

7. Reflect and give thanks. When you listen to your inner guidance, check-in afterward and evaluate if it truly was your intuition (or your big head) that led to the results.  Regardless of the outcome, always say thank you.  Because lessons can often be disguised as mistakes, and when we reframe them as a lesson, we take away the benefits.  Giving our intuition encourages more of the same.  Meaning your intuitive skills will grow when you are grateful.

What if you feel like your intuition is wrong?

I get it, this is a new gig for many of us.  And sometimes, what we follow (and think is our intuition) is really our hard-headed ego running the show.  But, if you really aren’t sure, I’ve put together a list of things to check when your intuition feels “off”.

1. Meditate. Find some time to be quiet.  Ideally 15 minutes a day.

2. Check-in with yourself. Did you misinterpret or miss something along the way?  In other words, did you examine all the clues?

4. Ask questions and journal them out. This will help you get out of your head and often find the answers you are seeking faster.

5. Did you take action? If so, document it and see if maybe you took a wrong turn or the wrong action.

6. Did you act quickly enough? I give a great example of this in the episode. But sometimes, we sit on the fence too long and then blame our intuition for getting it wrong.

7. Trust yourself.  This is the most important step. Tuning into your intuition means trusting yourself.  This can also be the hardest step, so be patient with yourself.

Did you tune into your intuition this past year or before? Come and tell me about it over on the facebook page here.  Until next week, be well.

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