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60. The Power of WordPress

You’ve heard WordPress is Powerful, but what’s the big deal? Really?!?!?

Nearly 60% of all websites online are built on WordPress, but you may be wondering why is WordPress so dang special? When companies like CNN, TED, UPS, and CBS Radio use WordPress, it may pique your interest to investigate this website platform.  This week I dive deep into the 11 reasons WordPress is so powerful and even share what the heck is WordPress and why you might need it. Dive into Episode 60 and listen to all 11 reasons and grab some recommendations if you are ready to dive headfirst into creating your 1st WordPress website.

The 11 Reasons for Why To Use WordPress?

1. It is ridiculously scalable.

You can literally build any type of website on WordPress.  I give you some warnings in the episode around the open code concept in the episode.  Totally worth the listen, but as Kevin Costner would say “If you build it, they will come.” I mention that Coca Cola was built on WordPress, they have since had their site rebuilt.  But other big names include The Disney Company (including the official Star Wars Blog), Time, Katy Perry and Sony Music.

2.  WordPress Coding Is Free.

Ok, before the nay-sayers get their panties in a wad, the WordPress coding is free.  Does that mean it is free to have a WordPress website? No. But the cost is not prohibitive and it will be the best investment in your business you can make.  You will need hosting (where your website lives) and I recommend Siteground in the episode. For a list of reasons why check out the episode here.  You will also need a domain (the name of your website) which can also get from Siteground. Lastly, you will need a theme.  I recommend Divi by Elegant Themes. If you are feeling overwhelmed, I have a solution for you.  I’m going to do a training in the Small Business Builders Facebook Group to show you how to build a simple WordPress site in less than a day.  Not in the group? No worries, come join us here.

3.  WordPress is a stable platform that has been around for over 15 years.
WordPress is a stable, responsive platform that stays aligned with the newest technology out there.  There are 1000’s of developers working on the platform every single day. They keep up with trends and partner with some of the best designers in the market to create beautiful yet functional website themes.

4.  WordPress enables you to literally design anything on your website.
Using either free or paid themes you can create the website your little heart desires and dreams of.  Do you need to have some coding knowledge to go crazy? Yes.  Is it possible? Yes. Will you need some help if you’re just getting started? Probably.

5.  Designing in WordPress is SUPER flexible.
With over 22,000 plugins available you can add or create just about anything you want.  A plugin is an addition you “plug into” your website.  Some examples I gave in the episode include creating a calendar and selling dates to an event.  Creating an online store. Building a community or course.  All the details are in the episode, give it a listen here.

6.  WordPress SEO is a force to be reckoned with.
With the assistance of some excellent SEO plugins, WordPress becomes a search engine machine for your content.  My favorite is Yoast which gives you the yellow, red or green light based on your search engine optimization. The free version works great, so don’t panic about getting the paid version unless you want to become an SEO guru.

7.  WordPress makes content creation a breeze.
Whether you are blogging, adding videos, podcast episodes or a combination of content – WordPress is ready for you. Blogging is as easy as using Word and getting started on your content creation is THE BEST way to keep Google coming back for more.

8.  Communities & Memberships.
You can create both communities and memberships on WordPress with some additional plugins.  These are likely paid options, but if you want total control of your products and the people in your membership, WordPress will help you do that.

9.  Social Sharing Made Easy.
WordPress makes it simple for your audience to share your content with other people.  There are a ton of sharing plugins and the best place to put sharing is at the bottom of your blog post.  Elegant themes offer their monarch plugin for sharing, you can find it here.

10.  Open source code means anything is probable and possible.
With 1000s of developers working on WordPress functionality every single day, if there is something you dream of making happen on your WordPress website, chances are it is either already in progress or you can find someone to help you create it.  The website world really is your oyster.  With that oyster, make sure you are installing some security so no one ruins your party.  I recommend iThemes Security plugin.

11.  WordPress can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be.
Because WordPress offers so much functionality, it can seem overwhelming.  But, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to complicated.  Simple WordPress sites are built every day by people who want to control the design, functionality and behind the scenes of their website.  If you want some help getting started, hop on over to the Facebook Group for the free training happening this week. I’ll get you started and then you can run with it.

I mentioned the following resources to help you create your first WordPress website, and you can find those here:

Siteground Website Hosting

Divi Theme

Yoast SEO

Monarch Sharing Plugin

iThemes Security Plugin

What did you learn from this episode? 

Come and tell me in the Facebook Group. Not in the group yet? Consider this your official invitation to join me in my Facebook Group. I talk all things online business growth but specifically sales funnels, branding and WordPress.

Listen to the entire episode here:

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