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152. How To Build Relationships With Customers In 2022

How To Build Relationships With Customers In 2022

This week on the 2nd Act Entrepreneurs Show we are diving into how to turn more “no’s into Yes” by building relationships with customers in 2022.

It may seem almost impossible to gain traction with new leads in an online capacity, especially since you are competing with artificial intelligence, spam bots, and slimy marketing tactics.

People have their guard up, rightfully so, and gaining trust is harder than it used to be.

But, it doesn’t have to be.  This week uncover three actionable steps you can take to start building relationships with future customers even if they say “no” the first time.

Plus some tips on what not to do so that you don’t have a bumpy start with potential leads inadvertently. Tune into the entire show here.

🏗️ 🏗️ 🏗️ Email marketing is the #1 way to build long-term customer relationships because it keeps you in front of your audience every single week.  Plus, you can get immediate feedback from your subscribers just by asking them questions with the option to hit reply.

But staying consistent with email isn’t always easy. Which is the exact reason why I created my newest resource 365 Email Prompts.

These prompts guide you to consistently show up and alleviate your blank screen syndrome.  Plus it makes planning your content a breeze because you have tons of topics to dive into each week.

And, there is even a way to track the prompts you’ve already used so that you are sure to keep your emails fresh and interesting.

Get your copy here. 📩 📩 📩  

Now let’s dive into this week’s show.

#1 – Listen more than you talk.

This may seem counterintuitive as a business owner, because shouldn’t you be talking about what you do and what you sell? 

The short answer is no.  People want what they want and no matter how excited you are about what you do if they aren’t ready to hear what you have to offer, they will simply tune you out because you sound like an infomercial for the latest quick business fix.

Don’t believe me just scroll through the ads on Facebook.  Almost every single one is an automatic pitch for their latest “one size fixes all” solution.

I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve worked with coaches and consultants who pour hours, weeks, days, months, and even years into creating online programs that they haven’t sold yet.

Nothing is more frustrating than creating a program that no one wants or will ever see.  Been there, done that – more than once.

All that work and time lost could have been avoided if I would have just listened instead of deciding for my customers without their input.

Listen to the show for some examples here.

#2 – Give what you want to receive.

COVID made people aware, but it also made people less tolerant of BS.  This is why a lot of marketing that used to work is failing miserably.

People can see through your thinly disguised veil of inauthenticity like mosquito netting.  Which is why the direct message or random comments aren’t working anymore.

Your audience is craving connection.  Authentic connection, not drive-by conversation.  COVID and social media have dramatically increased loneliness.  Look at the current mental health crisis for all the evidence you need.

Humans were meant to congregate, be together, share ideas, and have conversations.  COVID all but eliminated that and now we are out of practice.

But what we can spot is people who want something from us.  Faster than the Road Runner in Looney Tunes.  

Meaning it’s even MORE important to start off a new relationship on the right foot.  Business or otherwise.

Tune into the show for all the details and examples here.

#3 – Pretend You Are Together In Real Life.

The internet is a funny thing.  It’s given us permission.  Sometimes to do things that aren’t only not acceptable, but that we would normally never do if it were a real-life situation.

We will say and do things that are brazen, sometimes rude, and sometimes even unlawful.

Instead of standing on bravado imagine if you were face to face with the person you want to turn into a customer.  Would you immediately:

#1 –  push your newest offer or lead magnet in their direction? or 

#2 – would you instead take time to learn about them and what they need?

If you answered #1 – we should talk about your networking skills and you should get out into the real world again and network with real people.  

No one wants to be sold to and they definitely don’t want to buy from someone who isn’t interested in their needs.

Treat the people you want to work with like people.  They are individuals going through individual circumstances.  The better you get with people the faster your business will grow.

Get all the details and examples here.

Get the three Bonus tips to get you started with creating deeper connections and conversations with future and current customers by listening to the entire episode.

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Thanks in advance!

Until next week, be well, stay safe and take care!


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