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144. What to name your online course?

What to name your online course?How do you know what to name your online course? 

That’s the question I received on LinkedIn this week.

I thought it would be a great question to answer on the show, but the answer might surprise you.

Stay tuned to discover what to consider before naming your online course, product, or even lead magnet.

Let’s dive into this week’s show.

#1 – Clever confuses. 

Everyone wants a clever name for their course.  They want to stand out.  But it is the #1 reason people tune out and stop paying attention. 

Here’s why:  It takes too much concentration and brain power to figure out what the heck you are trying to say. 

People are distracted, they are busy and if you force them to not only stop what they are doing but then try to figure out what you want from them – they will move on.  

Let’s look at it from a caveman’s point of view.

Cavemen were programmed to do two things – hunt and survive.  As evolved as we are, our brain still has one big priority – to keep us alive.  The rest is gravy.

The prefrontal cortex of your brain makes snap decisions on whether or not something is worth paying attention to and whether or not it will keep you alive.  

It will then decide if it needs to involve the amygdala in the decision, which controls your emotions.  

So what does that have to do with naming your course? 

People you want to work with have a problem.  They are only looking to solve that problem on a very basic level.  If you make it complicated – read clever – for them to understand how you can help them with that problem, they will just move on. 

But if you can grab their attention with something that says hey I know you want this – and then engage their emotions with I bet it will make you feel like this to have that thing taken care of, then and only then will you engage them to continue on the journey with you.

Keep it clear.  The problem, where they want to be, how they get there.

Example #1: The Myrna Method – first this says all we need to know about this person’s ego and absolutely nothing about what this course can do for someone. 

If we dive deeper into the copy (see the video for screenshots) we can see it says this: “I help people live their lives at their leanest and healthiest weight through my dietary meal formulas that regulate the appetite and metabolism.” 

That’s a mouthful.  Do you even understand half of that?  How long did it take you to read through it? 

This person is likely struggling with sales because nobody knows: 

    1. What she does and
    2. How it can help them

Here’s a free rewrite for Myrna (who I don’t know except that she is hiring someone on Upwork – yep my stalking has no bounds) 

“Get Back Into That Sexy Red Dress In 90 Days”.

It’s clear and specific, you know who she is talking to and it specifies an end result. 

Instead of gasping for breath as you climb the stairs, outrun co-workers half your age and have them whisper about how great you look in the breakroom.

Example #2: Special Advanced LinkedIn Training.  Why is it special?  What makes it advanced?  Why do I want to come? 

How about this instead – “Magnetize Your LinkedIn Profile To Attract Paying Clients 7 Days Or Less”

#2: Focus less on the name and more on the problem you solve.

People don’t buy products, they buy solutions.  

Example #1: Let’s look at a donut for example.  People don’t buy donuts because they need a donut. 

Let’s face it, most of us don’t “NEED” a donut. 

But the sugar rush and the dopamine hit we get from the donut will keep us heading to our favorite shop every single time. 

This is why it’s so hard to resist donuts when we are trying to lose weight. 

Many of us will do anything to feel better about ourselves, our lives, the problems we can’t see to solve – and food like donuts make us feel better if only for a few minutes. 

When you use a phrase like “they will make your mouth water in anticipation of the next bite” on their site – who is with me when I say I’m driving to the donut shop.

Not to mention the use of color, smell, and sound that they use once you get there to reel you into buying more donuts, coffee, and probably just one for the road.

Example #2: Isagenix Sign Up To Be A Rep (I had to hunt that part out, it took me a good two minutes to try and figure out what this person does)

Quality of Life Assurance. Because you deserve to truly live before you die

Ok, now that’s depressing.  Who wants to be depressed when they are solving a problem?  Uh, no one. 

I have the quality of life already – but maybe I want it to be a little better.  But it’s not so detrimental that I’m worried about dying.

No one wants to feel worse, they want to feel better. 

If I came across this page I would run, run for the hills to somewhere happier.

Instead – how about this: “Establish security, create impact and build a bright future with Isagenix”.

#3 – Specificity matters. 

People want a solution that is catered to them. The internet is crowded.  If you aren’t seeing results, it’s probably because your course title, lead magnet, etc. are too general. 

Get specific until it hurts and scares the bejesus out of you.

Example #1: 7 Strategies To Immediately Calm Angry Veterinary Clients 

Problem? Patients at the vet office are mad.

What’s the solution?  7 strategies that they can use diffuse anger in the office.

How long will it take? Immediate results.

Example #2: 5 Days to Shift Your Career Into High Gear Challenge

What is it? A challenge

Who is it for? People wanting to uplevel their career?

How long will it take? 5 days

What are the results? I will get the tools to shift my career in a better direction.

The Quick Recap:

  1. Clever confuses.
  2. Focus on the problem, not the solution.
  3. Specificity matters.

Need some help with naming your course, lead magnet, or product?  Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me at alisaconner.com and click the “schedule now” button.

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