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120. The #1 Way To Increase Email Conversions

The #1 Way To Increase Email Marketing Conversions

One of the biggest struggles I hear from new entrepreneurs is why isn’t anyone paying attention to my social posts?  How do I get people to buy from Facebook?

The reality is – you don’t.  Facebook and the lot are in business to make money.  Which means they make and change the rules on a dime.  The recent Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp outage only proves my point.  You have no control over what happens on social media.

The gurus will all tell you to build your email list – and I 100% agree.  

But what they don’t tell you is building your email list is only one piece of the conversion funnel that gets people to buy.

Once you have that email list built, you’ve got to get people reading your emails and moving forward to buy – otherwise, all your hard work is in vain.

In this week’s episode, learn the top 5 reasons people aren’t opening your emails and discover the #1 thing you can do to get more people buying your stuff.

So, why aren’t people opening your emails?

  1. A business model change has occurred.  Either theirs or yours. We live in one of the fastest-moving societies in history.  Business is constantly evolving.  Most entrepreneurs are finding that narrowing down their expertise and audience is critical to expediting success.  With this evolution comes a narrowing of the information we take in.
  2. People on your list no longer need what you got.  We all know that 2020 caused a massive disruption in the way the world works. More people are moving online, people are changing jobs at a record pace and they just may not need what you’re selling and have forgotten to unsubscribe.
  3. This is a biggie – you haven’t been consistently emailing and they don’t know who you are.  How many times have you signed up for an email list only to have the person on the other end drop off the face of the earth for 6 months or more? Then they show up one day and you don’t remember who they are or what they do?  Consistency in your email is the best way to keep people up to date on changes and shifts in your products, services, or business.
  4. The people on your list have already bought what you are selling.  Now before you freak out – you’re not for everyone and that’s ok. Sometimes, people need to try out different options before making a decision.  They found the right fit for where they were, and if one of the above is true – they weren’t meant for you.
  5. This leads to the last key reason people aren’t opening your emails, they are just not a good fit for you.  This could be a variety of reasons including they aren’t ready for you or your service yet, you have a mismatch in energy and just don’t jive on the same level, or any of the reasons listed above.  

The #1 thing that will help you keep your sanity is to not take it personally.  

Years ago I heard the Q-Tip analogy.  Quit Taking It Personally.  People make buying decisions based on many factors – we can’t get inside people’s heads – so all you can do is show up and be the best version of yourself to serve those who do need you.  The rest, let it go, and Q-Tip it. 

So, what is the #1 way to increase your email conversion rates?

Clean your email list, regularly.  Inside my signature program that is opening up in November, I have a step-by-step breakup process that makes this step much easier.  Including templates.  Because sometimes breaking up is LITERALLY hard to do.  You don’t know what to say, how to say C-Ya, or let those people go.  You worked hard to get them on your list after all.  But if they aren’t reading, opening, or buying from your email – it’s time to let them go.

Why does cleaning your email list increase your conversions?

  1. You’re not sending out to a bunch of people who aren’t opening your emails or that are sending them to spam.  This will automatically lower your conversion rates.  If people aren’t even opening your emails – you’re going to have a REALLY hard time selling to them via email.  So boot them off, they can resubscribe when they are interested again.
  2. Cleaning your email list also improves your spam rating.  When your emails end up inadvertently in the SPAM or Promotions tab – people may miss them.  This can affect your future email sends and it’s also harder to retrain people to find your emails if they are not in their inbox.
  3. You are only sending to people who REALLY want to hear from you and naturally, this increases engagement.  They are more likely to open and click on the links in your emails as well as buy when you send a sales email.

There you have it, the top 5 reasons people aren’t opening your emails and the #1 way to increase your conversion.  

Tune into the entire podcast or video to hear extra stories, examples, and more.

As you may know, email marketing is one of the best ways to stay in front of and sell to your audience. But so many people struggle with how.  This is why I’ve created my upcoming free training Own Your Audience – so you know exactly what to do to harness your audience through the power email.  Enabling you to stay in front of your ideal people, create conversations, and swiftly turn more subscribers into sales.  

Coming up November 17th,  registration for this free event is open now.  Visit alisaconner.com/ownyouraudience and join me as I share my proven step-by-step system to take control of your marketing, time, and energy and forget what Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, or Instagram are doing today, tomorrow, or next week.

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