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116. Why Marketing Assumptions Are Killing Your Sales

Why Marketing Assumptions Are Killing Your SalesOne of the #1 mistakes 2nd Act Entrepreneurs make is to make assumptions with their marketing and their product offers.

Making assumptions costs you time and money and ultimately sales.  

If you have had a successful career but want to increase your impact, revenue and leave a legacy using your education and expertise with an online program – you are a 2nd Act Entrepreneur. I partner with 2nd Act Entrepreneurs to create strategic marketing that builds relationships and sells their programs and turns them into Thriving Digital Impactors.

On today’s show, I share the biggest mistakes I see business owners make when trying to create and market their services.

You know what they say if you ASSUME you make an A** out of U and ME.  Nothing could be more true than when you are promoting a program that has no input from the people you want to serve.

When assumptions are made in marketing it costs more time and money because:

1. People don’t know they need what you are selling.

2. People don’t want what you are selling.

3. People feel rushed into your sales funnel before they are ready and it just feels wrong (and a little bit sleazy).

Instead before creating a program offer or your marketing ask yourself some specific questions:

Question #1:

When was the last time someone asked you for ________________ (insert the product you want to create)

If the answer is all the time, recently, or anything in that area then dig a little deeper because you’re likely onto something.

If the answer is deer in the headlights or “uh no” then dig deeper – because you’re likely about to spend a whole lot of time, energy, and money creating something that nobody wants or understands. Instead, ask people what they want instead of what you think (read know) they need.  People buy what they want, not what they need. Sell them what they want, serve them what they need.

Questions #2:

Many 2nd Act Entrepreneurs make the assumptions that people know that they have a problem and that they know how to solve it.

-If they knew how to solve the problem, wouldn’t they have already solved it?

-If they have a pressing awareness of the problem, wouldn’t they be taking action to find a solution?

Chances are very high that they either don’t know where to start or they are embarrassed to ask someone for help.  If you present them a confusing solution to their problem or something so high level they feel dumb – they not only won’t buy they will likely tune you out forever because they will be searching for someone else to solve the problem.

This isn’t because they aren’t smart.  It’s because they are busy, they are distracted and they just want an easy-to-understand solution that will make their current pain stop. If you give them a clear, easy solution – they will buy.

The last assumption 2nd Act Entrepreneurs often make regarding their business is assuming their customers mirror their money beliefs.

This week’s episode dives into the dangers and frustrations that money blocks can have on your business and how they will keep you from reaching your financial and impact goals.

Tune in to hear all the details as well as examples, stories, and antics for the other questions discussed in this episode.

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