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111. 5 Lessons Learned From 2020 and What To Take Into 2021

We Can All Agree 2020 Has Been A Doozy

But, there are some positive things that came out of this year.  In this week’s Feed U Podcast Episode I give you the 5 lessons I learned in 2020 in hopes that they will inspire you to reflect on what you learned this year.

I encourage you to tune in and listen to the entire episode here so you can end this year with focus on what was positive about 2020 and what you want to leave behind as you move into 2021.

 Things will never go back to “normal” and in Episode 111 I share with you how you can adapt your business to meet the new landscape that lies before us.

I give you my opinion on how things will play out, things that are irrevocably changed, and how you can adapt to fill the need in this new version of business going forward.  Dive into the entire episode here.

We have to accept a new “normal” after 2020

Just like 9-11 the world (not just the United States) has irrevocably changed.

Things that we took for granted, concerts, eating out, shopping, and many other previous “luxuries” will never exist the way they did before COVID-19. Restaurants have gone under. Shopping has been done largely online this year. The post office reported processing over 300 million more packages this year than last.  People have now normalized things like food delivery, online shopping, and virtual doctor visits.  The early adopters were already taking advantage of these options – 2020 just added gasoline to the already ignited flame.  For more on this tune into the entire episode.

The reality is the same – either adapt or die.  Unfortunately, this will be the case for many of the small businesses we know and love.  But let it be a lesson for you and your business to keep your eye on the horizon for market changes and adapt sooner than later.

The world is craving connection.

Online connection via bantering and arguing opinions through the comments has become exhaustive.  The world is tired of arguing.  They are tired of being disconnected.  They want real relationships, and to do business with real people.  The spammers and follower buyers were on their way out before 2020 now they are no longer tolerated and I predict BIG changes in the way social media and marketing, in general, will be used in the future.  The sooner you can connect with your clients in a personal way – the faster you will catapult past the competition.  Niching in will no longer be optional and the quicker you can do it, the further ahead you will be.  It enables you to align with influencers in your market and create one of a kind buying experiences for your people.  Creating a boutique type experience for every business model.  No longer will the one-size-fits all marketing campaign be tolerated or relevant.  I encourage you to brainstorm which steps will you take today to align with the people you most want to help and the influencers already helping them.

What is old is new again

People do business with people.  You’ve heard me say it before.  Today I will add they do business with people who make them feel memorable and special. This happens through nurturing relationships. If you haven’t committed some time energy and marketing planning into nurturing your current and future customers, it’s time to get on the bandwagon.  This will be another BIG differentiator for those who excel and those who fall away.  In the episode, I give you two specific examples of companies I recently did business with that are killing it when it comes to creating an experience for their customers.  Tune in here to listen in.

I give you three other lessons and some homework in the episode,

tune in to learn how you can align your business for success in the New Year.  Wishing you the best of 2021!  

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