Successfully Sell Your Experience & Expertise!

Online marketing that generates sales, increases revenue, and has more impact.


Get the attention of the people you want to work with most.


Build relationships and help people remember who you are and what you do.


Sell your product and create the impact and freedom you deserve.

Why haven’t you seen the success, impact, and money you imagined with your online program?

You have the knowledge and experience.

You've earned certifications and accreditations

You've created your online program

You have the track record that shows you know what the H-E-double hockey sticks you are doing

You know that people need what you've got

You've even launched a couple of times

But nobody is buying (or even paying attention).

–>>insert crickets 🦗 🦗 🦗<<–

“Alisa helped me clarify my brand message, gave my website an engaging approach, and helped me develop sales funnels. Leading to a 67% increase in sales this year.”

“I’ve run my training business for more than 20 years and enjoy healthy profits and great client relationships. The reality: I was working like a dog. I needed to update my brand, refresh my website, and get more clients to buy more training. Alisa helped me clarify my brand message, gave my website an engaging approach, and helped me develop sales funnels. Leading to a 67% increase in sales this year.”

Wendy S. Myers, CVJ

Communication Solutions For Veterinarians

#1 thing keeping you from selling your digital program is simple – you need a marketing strategy.



Sell Your Online Program

Generate Up to 4Xs Your Revenue

Create Impact

Control Your Time

Live A Life You Love

5 Steps To A Winning Marketing Strategy

5 Steps To A Winning Marketing Strategy

Your step-by-step plan to

  • Attract new leads,
  • Build Relationships,
  • Convert More Customers

so you can stop wasting time and money on marketing that stresses you out and doesn’t work.

Companies We Have Worked With

Pete Vargas and Advance Your Reach
integrity wellness and chiropractic
Laura E King and Your Life On Purpose Program
Maria Vitale Real Estate Broker
Tammy Alvarez and Career Winners Circle
accent electrical services
Quantum Success Coaching Academy Client
Mama Bear Team EXIT Realty
Communication Solutions For Veterinarians Logo

Stop struggling in marketing purgatory and start selling your online program.


Find new leads that are a perfect fit for your program.


Build authentic relationships that breed trust.


Get people to buy without the stress of being “salesy”.

“Having the right emails in your sales funnel makes all the difference in getting your audience to tune in or tune out.”

“Alisa’s proven system helps you cater your emails to the people you MUST get in front of, and saves you time, money, and frustration. Whether you are launching an online course or working with clients one-on-one it’s no longer a luxury, it’s a MUST to stay top of mind to increase sales and retain clients.”

Tammy Alvarez

Career Winners Circle

What We Do

We partner with second-act entrepreneurs to turn their experience and expertise into online programs so that they become Thriving Digital Impactors.

We know you want to rock this world and leave a legacy that keeps tongues wagging.  You likely lept into the cubicle life as a short-term solution until you could get to your “real” goals. No one can blame you, you’ve got to eat, right?

But, somewhere along the way you got comfy in the professional world and lost track of what makes your heart sing. That short-term fix may have turned into 25 years and now you have a deadline to make those BIG dreams and goals happen.

Here’s your wake up call

Time is ticking and you have shiitake to do while you’re still here on the planet.  It’s time to make those dreams happen and they won’t be silenced any longer!

The good news:

You’ve accumulated some pretty awesome skills and experience along the way and people NEED that awesome sauce.

Combine that with your go-getter M.O. and look has some big ideas now!

You may have even started brainstorming your future online program as you get ready to leave your mark on the world.  One thing is for sure you could use some of that freedom you keep hearing about and even give back to your community.

The problem is no one has even heard of your stuff, let alone are they buying it.

What’s worse, you have NO idea how to get them to pay attention to you.

Crap! And double crap!

You know business – but marketing that’s someone else’s forte!

You may feel scammed and lied to.

✅ You did the work.

✅ You put in the time.

✅ You listened to the gurus.

✅ You bought their online courses.

✅ You created a program people SHOULD be lining up to pay for.

It’s supposed to be easy, isn’t that what you were promised?

You did what they said . . .

So, why haven’t you seen the success, impact, and money you imagined with your online program?

We understand how intimidating it can be to put your offer out there and how heartbreaking it is when no one buys.

This is why we’ve partnered with entrepreneurs to successfully sell their online programs and up to 4Xs their income in as little as six months for over 20 years (no spring chickens here 🐣).

Along the way we’ve learned that the #1 thing most entrepreneurs are missing is a strategy to sell their online program. Without a marketing strategy, it’s all but impossible to stand out in the crowd and get people to see you can help them.

“My practice has exponentially grown, I’m clear about my marketing message and business is booming.”

“Working with Alisa gave me the clear strategy to attract new patients to my chiropractic office.  We clarified what makes me different than others in the industry and then created messaging and a website that attracts new clients and gets them to schedule their next visit.  They know exactly what to expect, whether this is their first or 100th visit.  My business has grown exponentially, but most importantly it has grown with more patients that I WANT to work with. Aligning me with my true purpose of helping heal others from the inside out.”

Dr. Scott Kircher

Chiropractor, Integrity Chiropractic

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


Schedule Your Free Strategy Session



Implement Your Customized Plan


Become a Thriving Digital Impactor.

Alisa Conner

Sales Funnel Junkie, GenXer, Mom To Teen Boys

The word got out in 2020 during the Coronavirus that working from home was the bomb-diggity – everybody and their brother decided to open up shop online. More power to them!

But that means you have to work even HARDER to stand out amidst the noise- especially online.

Or do you?

I’m Alisa Conner and for over 20 years I’ve helped dozens of small business owners attract an audience they love, build know like and trust online, and generate $$$ (cue Pink Floyd 🎸) from their e-learning programs!

Most importantly —>>> they took their time and lives back.

You quit your corporate J-O-B so you could ENJOY your life – no?

But if you’re constantly worried about generating leads and marketing your course – what was the point?

It’s 100% possible to stand out in a crowded market and have people nodding and saying “get out of my head” and “sign me up now!” with every new product release.

One of the best ways to make that happen is to stay in front of them with entertaining, informative, and lip-smacking good marketing. To do that you need to understand the path they take to buying.

There is no entrepreneur school for strategy and we often wear blinders when it comes to our own business.

But, with a strategy, a little grit, and a proven system that you can rinse and repeat – you will save time and start generating revenue without a lot of extra work.

I work with business owners just like you who have increased their sales by up to 40% in less than 6 months.  And that’s nothing to sneeze at.

But you need a strategy, a little grit, and a proven system that you can rinse and repeat.

So you can FINALLY sell your digital program and impact the people who are waiting on you.

Services We Provide:


Marketing Strategy

Develop a deliberate plan for your marketing so that you can stop spending time and money on tactics that don’t work.


We design your website and create your marketing hub to sell your online program.

Email Marketing

Use the power of email to build business relationships, stay top of mind, and convert more leads into customers.

“The results surpassed my expectations, but the real growth happened in my ability to see beyond this first course and where my business can go from here.”

“Alisa is the kind of person that cares, truly cares about the success of her clients. She goes above and beyond to deliver. What was really special for me was the guidance and encouragement that Alisa provided during my first-course launch. The results surpassed my expectations, but the real growth happened in my ability to see beyond this first course and where my business can go from here. Alisa is going to be sticking with me on this ride because she is imperative to my growth strategy! “

Laura King


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